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She documented the process in a book, co-authored by Toronto-based writer Melissa Hughes, titled "It sounded like a crazy idea and it started as a joke.

My girlfriends [and I] were talking about online dating and saying how much time it takes, how people drop off and don't respond and how frustrating it is," she said.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, she now calls Toronto home and writes about everything from transit and city hall to baby animal births at the zoo Navigating the online dating world is no easy task.

After weeks of swiping and chatting with unknown men, Katerina Lyadova, 30, realized she was wasting a lot of time and getting no results.

Nondating revenue declined to .9 million from .8 million, because the company's Princeton Review business struggled to attract customers interested in prepping for the new format of the SAT test.

Filters guaranteeing you’re never exposed to opinions not shared by your friends will now ensure you never date anyone exposed to those opinions.

Compatibility analytics visualization software will become so trippy that many will elect to just stay indoors alone trying to game their Gregariosocial Lovescore Rank.

A rash of group marriages, caused by some particularly aggressive changes in default privacy settings, will lead to Facebook being universally banned except among a few thousand cultists in an Appalachian hideaway.

“He will disclose his company’s 3rd quarter earnings – right now it’s estimated to be a huge 325% blowout in one quarter alone.

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“Most companies are lucky to boost their earnings by 10% in a quarter. We’re looking for this company’s share price to blow out.Ramna Shahzad is a multi-media associate producer in the CBC Toronto newsroom.

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Currently the preferred approach to authenticate the users is to use a signed token and this token is sent to the server with each request. " that registers a callback that will be invoked to create an instance of type T and it will be stored in the Owin Context. The following code is required to use the User Manager class inside our OWIN component efficiently.… continue reading »

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