Concerns about dating police officers

07-Oct-2016 15:06

If you have concerns about the performance of a member of the UMPD obtain the officer’s name or badge number and call the UMPD at 612-624-COPS (2677) and ask to speak to a supervisor.

UMPD personnel are required to give their last name and badge number to citizens upon request.

It’s with that in mind that we compiled the top eight rules for dating a cop, chosen from answers by law enforcement officers from across the country.

We received some serious answers and some pretty humorous ones, but these pretty much sum up the mix.

They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and from as various upbringings as those who don’t put on the uniform.

Some are married and have families, some are in relationships, and some are single – often looking for the right girl or guy for them that can appreciate and even support their life as a LEO.

Despite video evidence of what appeared to be brutality, the police officers were acquitted.

Angry citizens took to the streets, prompting intervention from the National Guard.

Here we will look at what those are, and briefly discuss them so that you can decide whether they are likely to cause a problem and how you can overcome them.

A preliminary evaluation will be made to provide the chief of police with sufficient information to determine if there are grounds for a formal investigation to proceed.

For example, there are a number of law enforcement agencies working in the university area and we must be sure you are addressing the issue with the appropriate agency.

It's a Worry: Now not all branches of policing are going to involve any danger and if they're a desk jockey or a ticket inspector then this isn't necessary likely to come with any particular risk.

However if they are out patrolling the streets or even directing traffic this can be a different story and if you are the kind of person who is prone to worrying then this can mean that you are left at home worrying about whether they are going to make it back okay or not.Dating a police officer means dating a responsible member of the community who has made it their living to protect the rights and safety of their fellow man and woman, and this is of course something that can be a great source of pride.