Madden09 for playstation3 updating rosters

28-Jan-2016 19:26

This year's Madden is just what you'd expect: It doesn't take a whole lot of chances with the formula that has proven so successful in the past.

Improvements such as the additions of Cris Collinsworth as a commentator and a backtrack feature that points out and helps correct your mistakes make for a great football experience.

However, there are quite a few issues that keep Madden 09 from reaching its full potential, such as disappointing online leagues and mostly unchanged Franchise and Superstar modes.

Madden 09 has a number of features designed to address the steep learning curve associated with the series.

Two decades is a damn long time, and that’s how long Madden NFL has reigned supreme in the realm of simulation football videogames.

The franchise has had its ups and downs, to be sure, but in general, EA has delivered a quality product every year since 1988.

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There were many bugs that should have been caught withing testing.

I have a love/hate relationship with Madden NFL - it's one of my all-time favorite games, but it also has a long history of sucking up cash from idiots like myself by providing only annual roster updates and dubious "innovations" (quarterback vision cone, anyone?