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05-Jan-2017 15:36

Anyway, there is a better way, and I’m not referring to using the file explorer with the new Mass Storage Device protocol that’s come to Windows Phone 8. You still won’t have Wi Fi syncing, but at least you’ll have actual syncing options, media compression, and a decent media management application. Next you’ll want to set up sync compression and downsampling options so that you’ll be able to fit more media on your limited storage areas.With that you still have to manually search through your media file folders and drag/drop each thing individually onto your device. Go to Organize Devices, then select the Windows Phone 8 and choose Properties.

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Windows Phone no longer uses Zune for syncing media and the new sync programs are probably the most pathetic mobile device syncing utilities that Microsoft has ever made.My last journal let you guys know that we made changes to our podcast distribution.